Michigan summer event: ROBO-CON

Hello, we are inviting teams in and around Michigan to register for the ROBO-CON Festival of Robotics and STEM Learning, happening July 23 in Lapeer, Michigan (about an hour north of Detroit). This is hosted by Team 1684 The Chimeras, and Team 5460 Strike Zone.

Things to know:
-This is not a competition
-There is no registration fee (registration link/info)
-The FRC field is used for 3 purposes: For teams to practice, for exhibition matches, and for guests to try their hand at driving real competition bots. Teams use this rare opportunity to let prospective drivers practice their skills on a real field, without the stress of competition.
-This is free to the public and there are lots of interactive learning stations, so families are welcome
-For the first time, we are working to set up an educator roundtable discussion. So if you’re looking for more school involvement, please feel free to invite your school board, teachers, administrators, etc.
-A limited number of teams can bring robots, but even if your team doesn’t, wear your team shirts and come out and enjoy the festival!

Register and find out more at MiRoboCon.com. We look forward to seeing you there!

What a nice offering to the FRC community! I wish we were closer. Well done!

Looking forward to attending myself, looks like a really neat event for the community.

Not quite the same type of thing, but if you were looking for a team activity for the off-season, there is an off-season competition in Midland, MI in October which is about an hour closer to you. :rolleyes:

[/shameless plug]

I apologize for the delay in responding, but want you to know how much I appreciate your kind words!