Michigan teams ~ what off-season events are you planning on going to?

I’m just curious what off-season events teams are planning to attend.

Are there any new off-season events you are interested in?

MARC 1 and 2

Gitchee Gumee Get Together
(I’m from the UP, sooo…)


We like WMRI and GRGR. No firm plans yet, but those have been our choices the last few years.

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Big Bang if they do it again. Love that one. Rumor is it’s the week before Marc 1, so if that’s the case we’ll prob do both.

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Big Bang is indeed happening again: Big Bang! 2019
Shameless plug: UM’s alumni group is putting together an event around Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti on August 3. Not everything is finalized yet, but it’ll be posted here when it is.


Possibly Big Bang we did that one in 2017 and it was nice to be at a venue that wasn’t hot!

Our own event - ROBOCON (registration & info to be posted soon!), Bot Bash & Kettering Kickoff.


Hoping for IRI. :grimacing:

Last year we did 5 off-season events, and will likely pare it down to 2 or 3.

We are looking to attend WMRI, and apply for IRI again this year. Those are the two we have done the past couple years, and may attend more if there are more that pop up in the area.

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Wait what is this MARC 1 and 2 nonsense?

Check MARC’s website. They have one in June and one in August now.


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Big Bang and Marc 2

Kettering Kickoff, RoboCon, RoboDay

Is there a calendar or list somewhere with all of the options?

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We always go to WMRI hosted by 85 B.O.B. and we sponsor Grand Rapids Girls Robotics Competition hosted by 858 Demons.

There is no official list or registry because off-season events are no official events sponsored by FIRST.

But you can have them added to the FIRST Robotics Competition Season Calendar. https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/frc/off-season-events


My team will be attending (actually co-hosting) the 6th annual Great Lakes Bay Bot Bash in Midland, MI in September. The event takes up to 32 teams for an entire Saturday event (load-in on Friday).

We’ve also attended Robo-Con for the past few years in July.

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