Michigan teams ~ what off-season events are you planning on going to?

Big Bang and Marc 2

Kettering Kickoff, RoboCon, RoboDay

Is there a calendar or list somewhere with all of the options?

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We always go to WMRI hosted by 85 B.O.B. and we sponsor Grand Rapids Girls Robotics Competition hosted by 858 Demons.

There is no official list or registry because off-season events are no official events sponsored by FIRST.

But you can have them added to the FIRST Robotics Competition Season Calendar. https://www.firstinspires.org/resource-library/frc/off-season-events


My team will be attending (actually co-hosting) the 6th annual Great Lakes Bay Bot Bash in Midland, MI in September. The event takes up to 32 teams for an entire Saturday event (load-in on Friday).

We’ve also attended Robo-Con for the past few years in July.

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What the heck? MARC is no nonsense!! Looks like you are non-Michigander (now don’t ask what this is), this off season even is there for long time and this year its at two venues! Fun place to be at for students, mentors generally take back seat!

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Um. I’ve been to every MARC ever held (I was at the first one in 07). I was their volunteer of the year last year. Trust me. I know MARC.

And I can say for a fact, MARC is major nonsense. In the best possible way


Where is that located? I’m also from the UP. I don’t know if my team wants to participate in offseason though.

GGGT is in Duluth, Minnesota.

Thank you

It’s in Duluth, MN

4983 is planning to attend Kettering Kickoff with a completely revamped robot (so we can actually score this time)

Following up from alst above, we’re putting on a new off-season in Ypsilanti! Come join us at the Washtenaw Robotics Competition.

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We’re signed up for Robo-Con in July, Ferris State Roboday in September, and GRG in October.

We’re also hosting our own event, Mid-Mitten RoboRodeo in August.

Apparently team 6079(my team) is planning some type of local event, but idk

1023 is attending Washtenaw and IRI (others TBD)

You and other UP teams could also consider Laser Lights in Wales, WI.

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I have no clue what my team is planning, we wanted to do a local thing because there are a lot of local teams around us.