Micro Center Ender 3 3D Printer deal - $99

Recently found this deal for an Ender 3 for only $99, you need to register for this coupon and it’ll compound with their current sale, allowing you to pick one up for $99. YMMV, it got posted on a computer deal page so it might be out of stock for a while.

Regardless, I’ve heard good things about the Ender 3 as an entry-level 3D printer, so this seems like a good pickup for any team near a Micro Center.


< old man rant >
Back in my day we had to scrap and save for a $400 Wanhao Duplicator i3!
< /old man rant >


Yeah, I remember the before times too. I miss them so.

This is a great deal, but I can’t pass the reCAPTCHA. It just sits there and spins. Anyone else have this problem?

I purchased a Solidoodle 2 for $400 my freshman year of college. I thought it was a steal to get a 6x6x6 inch build volume printer for that price. Still don’t think I ever got a good print off of it.

cries in in-person pickup only


Guess I’ll be picking one up tommorow before the new member meeting

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I feel that - the closest one to me is 3 hours away. I was just there this weekend, too… At least I got a free SSD out of it.

Does anyone know how to check the hours they are open? I’m willing to take a road trip to get one, presuming the are actually open when I get there.

Both Chicago and Cincinnatti show 9pm on Google Maps.

Closest to me is Houston…nope.

Hmm…only a 50 minute drive…

And 1745 now has a print farm.

Or atleast a print farm assembly project on the Todo list


Check store inventory where ever you go. Use the link in the original post. The Chicago store out of stock, FYI.


Tustin store was out the moment it was posted on r/bapcs

There were at least 20 on the floor in the Overland Park, KS store at about 3:30pm this afternoon.

Thanks to OP for the coupon and link! Starting my 3D printing journey now.


Yup, same here. Firefox. Try another browser.
Or not: completely sold out nationwide. :slightly_frowning_face:

Same on Firefox. It worked on chrome, but it said new customers only.

Well, I got my coupon but with none available it’s kinda pointless.
“New Customers” means new to this version of their loyalty program. Living between Marietta and Duluth gives me unusually good MicroCenter access, I already get their weekly emails and such. For this particular thing, I opted back out of texts and emails right quick.

You might try to call and see if they can check the store stock; or just head to the store. Yesterday the website said it was sold out in Overland Park, but there were 20+ on the floor.
The website now says there are 25+ available, but my brother just picked his up and said there were maybe 15-20 left.

Long story short: the stock on the website may not be completely accurate.

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I’ll head there tomorrow morning. Thanks!