Microchip @ My Work

I work as a chef at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge in Phoenix, Arizona in the Banquet Kitchen, and Microchip is having their annual conference “Microchip Masters” at my work. It been pretty cool seeing FIRST people, and especially cooking for mentors, judges and referees. Just thought I tell everyone not that anyone cares. :slight_smile:

Some information about the event. Six Arizona teams will compete in a modified competition. After the competition we hope to let members of the audience drive the robots. Who knows, maybe some new teams will be formed due to this event.


Team 1726 will be representing Sierra Vista, AZ on Thursday at the Masters event.

This sounds cool. You guys will have to take some pictures and post them in CD.
How are you going to pick folks from the audience to drive? :ahh:

Hi Jane,

Teams 39, 60, 698, 842, 1492, and 1726 will be attending. Because of the chandeliers, we will be playing a dodge ball game with the robots against humans (the humans can not move nor throw back…the fix is in!). The humans will be holding signs with numbers on them to accumulate a score. After the match, we plan on letting people drive until our batteries run out (we will be taking the charger.) We figure if you let an adult play with a toy, they just might want one of their own.


Pardon me for being rude please, but I cannot believe you have the words ‘chandelier’ and ‘dodge ball with the robots’ - in the same sentence. :yikes: What a hoot.

Serious question please: did you have to do any special insurance/liability coverage of any kind for this event?


Please give a nice review of how this goes. They ran out of room when we offered to help, so I would like to know what actually happens there.

Yea, Everyone has been super awesome. What time is the actual robot demo taking place I have a few people interested in this?

As far as I know, the “competition” is after dinner, and dinner is at 5:00. So I would guess activities will be around 7 or so.

I hope the humans can dodge our stream of 10 balls per 1.5 seconds :smiley:

I agree with you, anybody who wants to play with the bot is more than welcome to (as long as the batteries last). Anything we can do to generate interest in FIRST, is good by us.

please dont ruin my carpet w/ traction wheels… j/k :slight_smile:
someone should try to get a news channel out there, good press.

Hey guys, how’d it go?
Any updates?


The “Mayhem at the Masters” was a great success!

A BIG thanks to Microchip, Steve S., Carol P., and Ian L. for a great time and an outstanding dinner.

Five robots and 40 team members put on a great show for a big crowd (I was told nearly 300 engineers attended.) It was a nice way to to rekindle friendships and prepare for the fall.


PS Jane, no chandeliers were broken and both referees were hit numerous times

I believe there was more than 300 attendees, unless it was only for a select group of people, I know for lunch the group was 1100 so if all were in attendance than it was quite a few more. Congrats on a great event, hope you enjoyed the food and hope to do it again next year.