Microkinetics and Tormach CNC machines

Our team recently purchased an SQ CNC mill from Microkinetics. The SQ is a medium sized, square (dovetail) column 3 axis mill with 20" of X axis travel, similar to the Tormach 1100. (link)](http://microkinetics.com/express/)

From a CD search I learned that team 701 owns a desktop mill from Microkinetics, and was wondering if anyone else owns any CNC equipment from this company. If so, what has your experience been like? What are your thoughts on quality of the machine, helpfulness of the support personnel etc.? Are you satisfied with your purchase? would you do so again given the chance?

I would also ask the same question of teams that own Tormach equipment (I know there are many). Are you happy?

Thanks in advance,


As a person that works for a company that makes CNCs, I find it humorous that Tormach doesn’t list resolution, accuracy, or repeatability anywhere on their website or documentation.

At least Microkinetics does that, .00025 resolution is ok, though .003 per foot screw error isn’t awesome. 8" Travel in the Y is good, 20" in x is good, 5" in z is a little bit tight if do more then a plates of Alu.