Microphones at CMP

What do you think about how Woodie’s speech and others at Einstein were botched by the audio? The top and bottom speakers were about 1/2 a second apart from each other and it was extremely hard to make out what they were saying.

If anyone from FIRST is seeing this, please fix it. Its almost impossible to understand anything said over the microphones.

It’s absolutely horrible. It’s really difficult to make out what they are even saying.

I cannot understand anything from the top row of seats. Is ther an echo in the webcast too?

The webcast is fine for me, with occasional issues with volume.

I think they fixed it.

I’m not hearing any echo issues over the webcast, but everything is incredibly quiet. I’m watching with my computer speakers maxed as well as the webcast audio maxed, and outside of the MC’s and GA’s I can barely hear anything that is said.

There was only a slight echo heard in the concourse level, center left to right. A couple times the wireless mics cut out though.