Microsoft FIRST Tech Challenge

We just finished hosting the Microsoft FIRST Tech Challenge in Phoenix, Arizona. Here is the link to the sate FTC website

Team registered

Event pics

And awards

It is the second annual for FTC in AZ we grew by 30 %

Microsoft was very gracious for being the title sponsor, Thanks Microsoft!

Videos will be up soon!!!

I’d like to first off thank Carl Hayden for putting on this great event! It ran flawlessly, and the venue was terrific! I’d also like to apologize to the refs for that little argument we had, but I realize just how much work that is, so thanks!

Next in line are the Inspire award winners, team 529. It takes a lot of work to win this prestegeous award, and I believe it went to the right team. Also, congratulations to the winning alliance! We had a tough time in the finals, but you plowed through the eliminations to a great win. Great teamwork and great robots!

Also, I like the event pics, you managed to cover practically everything, so I can’t wait for your videos to come out. For anyone who just can’t wait and doesn’t care for the quality of the videos, we are currently uploading the practice and qualifying matches over at our new website.

Once again, thanks Carl Hayden for putting on the event!

It just isn’t a robot event without NERDS! Thanks Guys!

Video of all the matches (except for a few practice matches) is now up at that link. Thanks Steve for your dedicated work running my video camera!