Microsoft HD3000 camera mount

Hi everyone!!

I was wondering if any team has already designed a 3D printed mount for the Microsoft HD3000 camera, and is willing to share it with us??


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I drilled through ours and rivited to our frame. Worked pretty well.

Here’s a copy of my team’s mount in SLDPRT and STL. Push the bendy bit through and bend that to hold it in. Maybe ziptie as well. It includes a section for a standard size ring light as well.

EDIT: There’s no mounting holes. You’ll want to drill through the flanges.

Lifecam (137 KB)

Lifecam (137 KB)

We had a student build up a pretty awesome mount with a spot for a LED ring light. Send a twitter DM to him and he’ll likely send you the file:

He also made a kangaroo PC mounting case that was slim and fancy: - but this may require a 3d printer with certain capabilities to remain structurally sound.