Microsoft LifeCam 3000 mounting

Hello, we’re having problems with mounting our Microsoft LifeCam 3000, and would like some suggestions on how to do this!
Thank you!

Yeah, that! :o
You are going to have to get creative.

We have mounted them with custom machined aluminum mounts with slots cut through to accommodate the rubber tab and USB cord. We have 3D printed mounts. We have even cut the tab off and simply used gaffers tape. Honestly, none of these approaches was perfect. The best and most reliable was the CNC machined block.

^ The above is decent. Just be aware that it friction mounts by shoving the plastic tab up the camera’s, er… rear mounting port.

We’ve had good luck this season with this mount:

Both the normal version and a wider version designed to also hold a ring light. We don’t have a ring light this year, but we made a custom bracket for a fisheye lens (the kind you’re supposed to clip onto your cell phone) to help the drivers with seeing on the field.

In this photo you can see how we’ve got one of each type of mount on our camera “stalk” on our intake.

We just drilled a hole through the base of the included mount and bolted it on. Works perfectly fine.

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A good point - the 3D printed mounts linked above all assume that you will remove the included “tail”. It is a bit delicate, you will need some tiny screwdrivers.