Microsoft Teams Outage

Here’s hoping this isn’t a sign of things to come as teams start doing their interviews. Hopefully nobody was impacted today!


The only reason I’m on CD right now is because of this outage haha, we use My Apps at work.

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We had some notifications at work this afternoon about some problems with Microsoft 365 but since I was not using it, I didn’t pay much attention.

As someone who uses teams for work every day, it’s a pretty robust application. There have only been a handful of outages over the past year. Given that most of these meetings will be using North American servers outside of normal business hours, there will be plenty of bandwidth without stressing the service.

It wasn’t just teams. There was an outage with Azure (which is the backbone of much of what Microsoft does) and it spilled over to lots of apps. This was a very big deal. It’s not the kind of outage that happens every day – I wouldn’t be worried.

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Our service desk sent out an email yesterday (3/15) afternoon about “experiencing issues” with some MS Office 365 services, including Teams. A resolution email was sent out this morning (3/16).

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