Mid Atlantic Regionals- Who will come out on top?

The Rutgers J&J Mid Atlantic Regionals have long been known as some of the best competition FIRST has to offer. Most of the teams attending are veterans and the experience shows. Many of us have this “friendly rivalry” going on and it is great getting together each year.

However only about 50% have shown their robots either in competition or in photo postings on the web.

With all that considered, who do you think will win the NJ regional?

Only Saturday will tell.

WC :cool:

Our team hasn’t posted any pictures of our robot, but we should be able to dump balls and grab a goal. We also got a miniature robot that drives to the endzone.

P.S. I saw a video of silver scorpion, very cool, cya at Rutgers.

Hopefully, 56 will do better then we did at the Long Island regional for seeding matches. We had some BAD luck. But dont forget to watch practice rounds and I cant stress that enough since thats where each robot should show all it can do including 2 goals or even 3. Our team was hurt by other teams in LI because they didnt scout us on the Practice day.

Good lLuck to all see you tomorrow!


Ah yes…I have been going to the NJ regional as a spectator every year of its existance with the exception of the competition in 1999. I will probably get alot of flack for saying this, but to me, Jersey is the toughest competition outside of the New England Regional. (yes I know that the Michigan regionals are tough too, but Jersey has always been more of a physical, defensive competition, which i like). Also, last year, jersey was the home of one of the most exciting finals I ever saw! (yes, thats not a typo, I said last year, thats right, even in the 4-0 love-fest!) Anywayz, I am looking foward to seeing this years competition once again.
And my favorites to do some damage??? Well I like Buzz, they have won more NJ regionals than small pox! Also team 25 is up there with that awsome (almost fit for battlebots) looking robot.
Of course there are a ton of teams in the competition who are really solid, so its really anybodys game!

I wish the best to all the teams in Jersey, have fun!

Andy Grady

My money is on 175 BUZZ. They are automatic at that regional, and I don’t see any change anytime soon. There are alot of good robots going and the competition will be great. Good luck to all!!!

Parkville High School Team #007 with FIRESTORM 4 would like to send a big thanks to teams 224 and 339 for exceptional performance. See you both in Orlando. Thanks also to teams 11 and 25 for great, fight-to-the-finish matches.


Anytime hotwheels.
And congrats to your victory. KICK SOME BUTT! lol :cool: