Mid-Mitten RoboRodeo 2019

Mid-Mitten RoboRodeo 2019
Saturday, August 10
Lakewood High School
Lake Odessa, MI 48849

We’re throwing together a little FRC hoedown in August and we sure would like y’all to come by and show off your robots to the yougins.

We know money can be tight this time of year, so we’ve priced our event at the low, low registration fee of $150—However, for you penny-pinchers out there who sign up before June 1st it’s only $100 . Whoa nelly! You could buy a half-bushel of Colson wheels with the money you save there!


Hope to see y’all there!

Team registration

Volunteer signup


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This sounds great, hopefully we will see you there! Looks like your image might be broken, can you try posting it again?

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Hey the address is one number off from ours!

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Thanks for the heads up about the image link. Hope to see you guys in August!

Do you have any info for people looking to volunteer? I may make the trip out, I love new off seasons

PM sent

Wow, look at that. You already have your Head Ref.

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I already had a head ref but now I have an announcer. :slightly_smiling_face:

Links to event website and volunteer signup added

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Update sause:

  1. We have our first prize sponsor: JeVois

  2. After some brainstorming about how we could better help rural and underserved populations within the FIRST community, we have decided that beginning in 2020 we will focus on working with other teams to help them host subsequent RoboRodeo events at their schools. The idea is that by doing this we can promote FIRST to a wider audience and the host teams we work with will benefit from increased community support as a result of the buzz created by the event.

The bottom line is this: An off-season event held in a city with a population of 100,000 or more will make a positive impact. However, that same event held in a much smaller rural or disadvantaged community could be an absolute game changer. We all drive across the state to play in various events, right? Then why not hold them in locations where our being there could be the turning point for a struggling team?


More Updates:

FIRST Updates Now will be airing the event livestream on their YouTube channel.

Current Prize sponsor list:

SilverStone Technology

Just a reminder, registration is only $100 for teams signing up before Saturday, June 1st.


Current prize sponsors include SilverStone Technology, JeVois, Armabot, and Ozzyboards.

When you say prize sponsors, what do you mean by that?

I believe some components have been donated to give away.


This. I used to host LAN parties from 2003 to 2008 and this was a common thing. Sometimes, we’d do drawings, other times it was tied to a game tournament. That’s sort of what made me think of reaching out to sponsors for this event.

For MMRR, we’ll likely let teams choose their prize or prize bundle starting with the top ranked team and continuing in descending order.

RoboRodeo reminder spam:

If you sign up by this Saturday, registration is only $100.

You do not have to pay until the event.

Registered Teams:

4130 - The Blue Devils
4967 - That ONE Team - Our Next Engineers
5173 - Fennville RoboHawks
5256 - The Atomics
5316 - Architects
5448 - CCA RoboCougars
5685 - Robo Terriers
6591 - Panther Powered
7056 - The F.A.S.T. Team
7226 - Error 404

Join our posse today!


Looking for at least one more team for this event. We’re currently at 11 teams and would like to see 12 or more.

Current team list:


We also need a few volunteers still. Signups at www.midmittenroborodeo.com

1684 signed up yesterday. :wink:


Super hype to hear this!!

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Awesome, thanks so much! See you guys at Robo-Con!