Mid-Season Movie (2023) - RoboJackets 3538


The success 3538 has found in early 2023 is a prideful start to our decade anniversary as a team. Our robots Whiplash and Jukebox are continuously being developed, and we’re looking forward to competing at Troy 2, FIM Champs, and the Houston World Championship.


cant wait to see you guys in action at troy 2
ive been waiting for another match after DTE last year

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All I can say is they’re fast, don’t blink or you’ll miss a cycle

7211 and crew got us good in DTE division quals last year. We had to settle for 3rd seed because of the 2RP we dropped when you beat us by 3 points in that second to last quals match :face_exhaling:

Looking forward to Troy 2 as well :slight_smile:

I look forward to competing with you guys on Friday! It looks to be a pretty stacked competition

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Huge fan of RoboJackets! Can’t wait to see it in action at Troy 2!

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Easily one of the best bots this year and also phenomenal cinematography.


The decade as a team isn’t quite right as our rookie year was 2011, but I guess they like to forget about our first 2 years, as we lacked resources and were plagued by a vice principal who didn’t want the team, we weren’t great. We were very excited to be an alliance captain and finalist in Detroit in 2012 though, earning our way to States with just 2 adults and 6 kids.
That same vice principal became the principal in 2013, so no team. They were then fired, paving the way for the team to make a comeback in 2014 under new leadership, and has steadily grown into a powerhouse in Michigan. Great Video!


So it’s like a completely different team now? I feel like that’s probably credit to the folks running it now.

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