Midnight Photo Album

Yesterday during the Week -6 event, a few people on the stream were interested in the little black robot that was zipping around on the field. I compiled a quick photo album of pictures I took while I built the robot.

The purpose of the robot was purely for fun and to improve my mechanical and software skills. It does not comply with a lot of FRC robot rules. The design of the control system is based on the CTRE HERO development board. It was really easy to set up, integrates easily with the Talon SRX’s, and does not require a laptop as a driver station. I wanted to build a small robot that could be carried by one person and could fit in a car seat. I chose to use such a big battery so that I could easily borrow other team’s batteries. The bumpers are bottom mounted and are single pool noodles. I wanted a fast robot, thus using the JVN calcuator, I geared it for 22ft/s actual. I will be posting my code, CAD, and videos later on.

Photo Album

A huge thanks to the sponsors: Cross the Road Electronics, FRC Team 118 and 33, and everyone that helped make this possible.