Midwest 2019

Seeing that Midwest starts in a few days and there isn’t a thread yet, I figured I would make one! This year, Chicago will host 53 teams from 4 different countries:

|16|Bomb Squad|Mountain Home, Arkansas|
|48|Team E.L.I.T.E.|Warren, Ohio|
|101|Striker|Chicago, Illinois|
|111|WildStang|Arlington Heights, Illinois|
|930|Mukwonago BEARs|Mukwonago, Wisconsin|
|1675|UPS (Ultimate Protection Squad)|Milwaukee, Wisconsin|
|1736|Robot Casserole|Peoria, Illinois|
|1739|Chicago Knights|Chicago, Illinois|
|1781|Lindblom Electric Eagles|Chicago, Illinois|
|1797|Phoenix|London, England, United Kingdom|
|1884|Griffins|London, England, United Kingdom|
|2016|Mighty Monkey Wrenches|Ewing, New Jersey|
|2022|Titan Robotics|Aurora, Illinois|
|2039|Rockford Robotics|Machesney Park, Illinois|
|2062|C.O.R.E 2062|Waukesha, Wisconsin|
|2136|Impossible Mission Force|Chicago, Illinois|
|2151|Monty Pythons|Forest Park, Illinois|
|2252|The Mavericks|Milan, Ohio|
|2338|Gear It Forward|Oswego, Illinois|
|2358|Bearbotics|Lake Zurich, Illinois|
|2451|PWNAGE|Saint Charles, Illinois|
|2709|Iron Wolves|Chicago, Illinois|
|2725|Ice Princesses|Chicago, Illinois|
|2830|Riverside RoboTigers|Milwaukee, Wisconsin|
|3061|Huskie Robotics|Naperville, Illinois|
|3067|Robovikes|Geneva, Illinois|
|3110|SeaBots|Chicago, Illinois|
|3488|Eagle Army|Orland Park, Illinois|
|3695|Foximus Prime|Yorkville, Illinois|
|3734|Caxys|Lake Forest, Illinois|
|4096|Ctrl-Z|Champaign, Illinois|
|4156|Ninjaneers|Springfield, Illinois|
|4241|Joliet Cyborgs|Joliet, Illinois|
|4292|PorterBots|Lockport, Illinois|
|4296|Trident Robotics|Gurnee, Illinois|
|4645|The Chicago Style BotDogs|Chicago, Illinois|
|4702|CyberDoggz|Chicago, Illinois|
|4787|Axiom|Chicago, Illinois|
|5125|Hawks on the Horizon|Chicago, Illinois|
|5148|New Berlin Blitz|New Berlin, Wisconsin|
|5350|Hope Robotics|Chicago, Illinois|
|5822|WolfByte|Chicago, Illinois|
|5847|Ironclad|Bradley, Illinois|
|5934|Crowbotics|DeKalb, Illinois|
|6651|Golden Bots|Sterling, Illinois|
|6823|Wildcats|Milwaukee, Wisconsin|
|6906|Cristo Rey Reybots|Chicago, Illinois|
|6968|Team PI|Eindhoven, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands|
|7237|UniBots|Bridgeview, Illinois|
|7560|Doodle Bots|Chicago, Illinois|
|7608|Owlenators|Chicago, Illinois|
|7609|Half Bananas|Bridgeview, Illinois|
|7738|Helion|Beijing, Beijing, China|

US teams competing will include home states of Arkansas, Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio, and Wisconsin, while our international friends will join us from China, England, and the Netherlands! We also have a few rookies this year, teams 7560, 7608, 7609, and 7738. Team 5847 is looking forward to a great competition! Feel free to use this thread to discuss predictions, t-shirt trading, make friends, or anything else related to the competition. If anybody has any questions about the competition or the surrounding area, I’m sure myself and other Midwest veterans would be happy to answer them! Happy week 2!


Historically a Week 5-6 event, the Midwest Regional is always one of the most competitive regionals in FRC as all these big name teams come to duke it out one last time for the chance to claim one of the final tickets to the Championship. This year will be extremely unique in that the Midwest Regional is a Week 2 event and none of the 53 teams competing here have had their debut in a previous event this season. It is shaping up to be the event to watch during Week Two and I am pumped to see it all happen!

Here are some additional quick stats for this event:

0/53 Teams have competed already this season.

What states are represented:
Illinois (39 Teams)
Wisconsin (6 Teams)
Ohio (2 Teams)
Arkansas (1 Team)
New Jersey (1 Team)
International - United Kingdom (2 Teams)
International - China (1 Team)
International - Netherlands (1 Team)

What other regionals are teams going to after Midwest (29/53 teams):
Central Illinois Regional - 14 Teams (1736, 1781, 2022, 2039, 2358, 2709, 3695, 4096, 4156, 4241, 4645, 5822, 5847, 6651)
Wisconsin Regional - 7 Teams (930, 1675, 2062, 2451, 2830, 5125, 5148)
Seven Rivers Regional - 4 Teams (111, 2338, 3061, 4296)
Buckeye Regional - 2 Teams (48, 2252)
Rocket City Regional - 1 Team (16)
Greater Pittsburgh Regional - 1 Team (48)
Iowa Regional - 1 Team (930)
Central Missouri Regional - 1 Team (2451)
South Florida Regional - 1 Team (6823)


It’s gonna be a good one this year. Can’t wait to see bomb squad in action.

Agreed hopefully they pick us.

I look forward to seeing everybody at Miami Valley and Greater Pittsburgh! If you’re at one of these events yes I’m one of the Drive team members (Technician) covered in buttons from 6032. We have a few button bois this year

Personally, I can’t wait to see 2338! We didn’t get to see you guys for week zero like we usually do, but I’ve heard nothing but great things about your bot this year!


Yeah I noticed you guys didn’t show up I was kinda disappointed. Did you finish on time? Our bot is looking to be one of our better ones. It’s no 2015 bot but we think it’ll be fun.

We ended up finishing with literal minutes to go! We really needed that extra day in order to get some major kinks worked out, but all is well with Andromeda. Your 2015 bot was pretty good looking… same goes for 2016. It’s a shame we’ll only be seeing each other at one regional this year, but maybe we’ll meet again at champs :wink:

So long as you finish the robot lol. If you want to meet up for scouting or anything find me during lunch thursday or friday.

I would love to! I’ll be there all three days, so we should definitely meet up.

I don’t think I’ve competed so early in all four years of frc, ready for the wild stress of no other teams having competed already

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Midwest has always been a staple event in the FRC community. I’ll be dropping by this event on Saturday to film media for FUN. Come by and say hi :slight_smile:


Bomb Squad is pumped to be headed back to Midwest. We’ll finish packing tonight up and head that way in the morning.


48 is super excited to be attending this event. Our first time here since 2008, so we’re pretty pumped. Can’t wait to see the teams on the field.


Woot Woot! Packing my bags tonight! Looking forward to it!!!

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Hey, just don’t miss your chance to pick CORE this year! :wink:


I’m so excited to see CORE! I’ve heard nothing but great things about your team, and got to see you guys in short at R2OC in the last couple years. I can’t wait to see what you bring to Midwest!

Yeah, 2017 was a great year for us, and I hope this year is a repeat of it. I’ve heard some pretty good things about you guys, too, especially your safety program. We should meet up sometime and chat while we’re there, yeah?

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I would love to! Will CORE be attending the team social Friday night?

I thought this joke left with our old team captain…