Midwest 2019

Thanks Andrew, it was a pleasure competing with you guys! Best of luck at CIR; we’ll be cheering from afar!


Anybody have any insight into how it was possible for Wildstang to come flying off of Hab-2 when FMS was [presumably] disabled? IIRC it was before the start of F1.

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Yeah no, I have no clue. I had glanced away for a second and then realized that they were at the center of the field. I think that they might have been the only robot on the field to use autonomous, and the match started before the official signal did somehow, which in turn triggered their auto to go off. But that’s just my guess.

Because no foul was called, I would have to agree and say it likely had to do with the field. No matter what caused it, I was absolutely shocked when it happened.

Big thanks Crowbotics 5934 and Ironclad 5847 for picking us. You guys were a lot of fun to work with!

Congratulations to 48, 111, and 2830 on a hard earned victory. Can’t get much closer than 2 points in this game. Maybe it’s a good thing finals didn’t go to a third match, not sure how many robots would’ve made it to the field. Someone sent me a clip of finals 2 where we clipped the corner of the cargo ship and bent 2 breakers in our PDP and lost the right side of our drive train.


Our 2nd stage in our left gearbox was shredded, so we wouldn’t have been scoring game pieces in Finals 3. HOWEVER, I think we could have at least gotten off the HAB in sandstorm and figured out how to still HAB3 climb at the end - we don’t need the drivetrain to climb once in position on HAB1. Our partners had already shown the ability to assist us in gimpy mode. May have been worth not subbing out. Regardless, I am thrilled we didn’t have to find out.

I believe it was Tyler Olds who showed me a pic of your bent breakers. Was it a direct PDP impact with the cargo ship somehow?

The gimpy ballet with your bot and ours in the Behind the Glass video of Finals 2 is funny. You can find it here. FRC 48 Team E.L.I.T.E. 2019 Robot Reveal.

Kudos to your alliance and to your team especially for its aggressive, effective defense, and congratulations on your well-deserved Chairman’s Award!

Here’s the drive team perspective of what happened. https://youtu.be/_eXSyh8TOBA

You can hear the match start sound in the background (but NO countdown) shortly before our driver @alex.richards48 notices 111’s movement on our camera. I also could have sworn I saw a video clip where the cargo ship belched forth its cargo while the field crew was still setting up for a match.

I normally wait until the announcer counts down to start driving. It was so loud I could not hear if they started counting so I held the throttle and we just started driving. No idea.


I never heard match start. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Wildstang driving from their camera, and the the cargo fell out. I went to start driving because i thought it was match start. We didnt move so i knew something was up. The fta and controls specialist run over and we had to restart. We never got an official reason but it definitely was strange.

Here’s the clip I was sent.

Looks like when we were chasing 111, our bumpers went into the cutout on the cargo ship and we must’ve hit in just the right spot where it pushed our cover in and snapped the breakers. The 2 breakers (that we checked before re-bagging) are actually bending in opposite directions. The leftmost one is almost 90 degrees

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Same on our side. We were just waiting for the match when one of my drivers asked me why a red robot was in the middle of the field. All I was told was a field fault happened, and we could go reset our robots.

I asked the head ref while we tried to get our camera reconnected and he said that he had no idea. Luckily nobody was on the field, but he said it scared him. Nobody was expecting it.

We didn’t have autonomous. That was driver control during sandstorm.

That field was very screwy all weekend. We had a match on Friday where we had a flashing no-comm DS light but still had full control of our robot.

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This combined with no other drive teams ready to go and the scorekeeper accidentally starting the match caused what happened. The scorekeeper was only able to start the match because the light was green and was only ready to start it because the FTA had his thumb up. He likely couldn’t hear the countdown and thought go was already called.
(Of course, this is only from what I concluded from the position of field reset and I could be wrong)

In the pantheon of radical FRC power system component failures, this will be placed on a pedestal alongside this - pic: ummm......what?.

I was wondering what had happened! Looked like a very strange issue from the stands. That explains it!

I think this has to be my favorite midwest regional of my FRC career. We may not have qualified for worlds, but we ranked first for the first time in team history, and I’m so proud of my team.
A huge congrats to 48, 11, and 2830 for an impressive victory and thanks for the fun semis matches. 111 gave us the run around, leaving us wondering how we overlooked them in the slightest.
However, I wouldn’t have wanted to go to elims with any other alliance partners. 930 is a powerhouse sure to raise some serious chaos at their next two regionals. Great people, great bot, watch out for when they get their climber working. And 101, striker. Man, these guys don’t get nearly the credit they deserve. Not only are the people on the team absolutely incredible, with a head mentor willing to do anything for his team, but they’re some of the hardest workers I’ve seen. When the going gets tough, they get tougher.
There wasn’t a team there I didn’t have a good time with. Special thanks to 2338 for continuing to deal with our brand of weird.


You didn’t qualify for champs… yet :wink:

See you guys at CIR, and I hope things work out for you there. I’m really digging your robot this year, and I’m sure things will go great.

(P.S. Someone on your team remembered me for liking your hats last year, and gave me a 3695 hat this weekend. I have NO idea who it was, but your team has my undying respect.)

He’s only been talking about giving it to you since last year (seriously), so I’m glad you liked it. Congrats to y’all as well for qualifying for worlds (hope to join you :smile: ) , and excited to see you guys at CIR!

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Looks like there may have been some damaging contact inside the frame perimeter. Did a referee see who initiated it? :thinking:

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