Midwest 2019

I’m from a Michigan team and last time that I checked Michigan was part of the Midwest geographically but FIRSTly we are our own reason. Last I heard we had over 500 FRC teams in Michigan

This thread is to discuss the Midwest Regional 2019 in Chicago, not the Midwest geographic region.


Indeed, there are many!

I realized that but still we have your worlds in our states grasp.

(see the pun, were the mitten state)

I always loved attending the Midwest regional as a student, and now as a mentor. I can’t wait to see everyone there and getting to meet new faces!


Who do you think will be first after qualifiers

  1. They have the fastest climb I have seen for a robot at midwest, and the best climbers have been seeding the highest at week 1 events. If bomb squad has a climb they probably will though, I just have not seen their robot yet.

Thanks all for an excellent competition! We had a great time, and it’s because of the awesome people like yourselves that make this event great to come to!

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Thanks to everyone who made this regional possible! Congrats to 111, 48 and 2830 on their win!


This year’s midwest was a pretty good one. I know 2338 was very happy to be paired with 16 after so long watching them from afar. Their robot had one of the best ground hatches I’ve seen, and their swerve is cool as always. 1675 played stellar defense, and getting then as the second seed was a pretty good steal. 930 was a mean cycle robot and will be one to watch out for, especially if they can get a climb. 3695 will be able to do very well at CIR so long as they make the repairs they need to. Their robot is more efficient than it looks, and it’s pass through makes it a very fast cargo cycler. 5934 seeded well and played even better, one of the only teams to not use null hatches and win. This is their first time getting this far in midwest, and I am very excited for them. Their robot was surprisingly efficient, and will be a sleeper at worlds. 2252 had a very tough schedule but was one of the better robots, and I’m excited to see what they do next. Congrats to the winning alliance. 2830 has built a really solid all rounder robot, 111 built a pretty sick cycler even though it may go a little wild at times, and 48’s hab three climb was not something to take for granted. Good times, excited to see where these teams go next.


Wow, what an amazing Midwest Regional! Congrats to 48, 111, and 2830 for putting up 2 amazing finals matches. In addition, congrats to our amazing alliance partners 2062 on getting a well deserved chairman’s award! 5847 is SO grateful for our alliance partners 5934 and 2062. 5934, you continue to amaze me every year with your incredibly simple solutions to challenging games, and I can’t wait to see you guys at champs. And for 2062, it was a pleasure to have your INCREDIBLE defense as a part of our alliance. Thank you to everyone who made this a fantastic competition, and I hope everyone else has an amazing rest of their season!!


Team 48 is sooooooooooo excited from being at the MIdwest regional. Our team had a great time competing with such high level teams. Enjoying lunch with our friends 2451 on Friday was a nice breather during such a stressful and packed competition. I’d love to give a giant thank you to teams 111 and 2830 for having such a good time with us. 111 was truly amazing. They really put the petal to the metal in Finals 2 to carry the slack from us in that match. Tldr, we sheared the output gear in our drive gearbox and weren’t able to drive on the left side. 2830 had some of the best defense I saw at that event, and the ability to maneuver us onto the platform in the last 30 seconds was truly great, and won us the regional. They also were parking behind us when we climbed to act as a cushion if we fell, so thanks for that. Getting our HAB 3 working right when we need it was the icing on the cake. Thanks to our partners, we’ll see you at worlds.


Thanks to our amazing partners of 111 and 48. This was a special alliance and it was great to see everyone on the alliance step up when it was needed! Also a big congratulations to team 2062 on their Chairman’s award. As an alumni of CORE, I can speak to how they develop their students like no other team. 2830 and myself owe a lot to CORE and it’s great to finally see them recognized with FRC’s top award.


Thanks Andrew, it was a pleasure competing with you guys! Best of luck at CIR; we’ll be cheering from afar!


Anybody have any insight into how it was possible for Wildstang to come flying off of Hab-2 when FMS was [presumably] disabled? IIRC it was before the start of F1.

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Yeah no, I have no clue. I had glanced away for a second and then realized that they were at the center of the field. I think that they might have been the only robot on the field to use autonomous, and the match started before the official signal did somehow, which in turn triggered their auto to go off. But that’s just my guess.

Because no foul was called, I would have to agree and say it likely had to do with the field. No matter what caused it, I was absolutely shocked when it happened.

Big thanks Crowbotics 5934 and Ironclad 5847 for picking us. You guys were a lot of fun to work with!

Congratulations to 48, 111, and 2830 on a hard earned victory. Can’t get much closer than 2 points in this game. Maybe it’s a good thing finals didn’t go to a third match, not sure how many robots would’ve made it to the field. Someone sent me a clip of finals 2 where we clipped the corner of the cargo ship and bent 2 breakers in our PDP and lost the right side of our drive train.


Our 2nd stage in our left gearbox was shredded, so we wouldn’t have been scoring game pieces in Finals 3. HOWEVER, I think we could have at least gotten off the HAB in sandstorm and figured out how to still HAB3 climb at the end - we don’t need the drivetrain to climb once in position on HAB1. Our partners had already shown the ability to assist us in gimpy mode. May have been worth not subbing out. Regardless, I am thrilled we didn’t have to find out.

I believe it was Tyler Olds who showed me a pic of your bent breakers. Was it a direct PDP impact with the cargo ship somehow?

The gimpy ballet with your bot and ours in the Behind the Glass video of Finals 2 is funny. You can find it here. FRC 48 Team E.L.I.T.E. 2019 Robot Reveal.

Kudos to your alliance and to your team especially for its aggressive, effective defense, and congratulations on your well-deserved Chairman’s Award!

Here’s the drive team perspective of what happened. https://youtu.be/_eXSyh8TOBA

You can hear the match start sound in the background (but NO countdown) shortly before our driver @alex.richards48 notices 111’s movement on our camera. I also could have sworn I saw a video clip where the cargo ship belched forth its cargo while the field crew was still setting up for a match.