Midwest Regional 2001 Video Archive

It’s taken me a little while but I’ve finally gotten videos transferred from VHS to digital for the 2001 Midwest Regional. Since the information isn’t on TBA for the matches, I’ve included a doc with the match number, team numbers, and scores.

Is anyone from The Blue Alliance able to get this data inputted online? The format for 2001 will probably make this a bit trickier than normal years given the four member alliances (each with their own score) and the elims bracket.

2001 Midwest Regional Video Playlist

2001 Midwest Regional Scores/Match Results


What a blast from the past. Thanks for taking the time to upload these!


Woodie with the frame-perfect field exit


Just wanted to bump this thread before the next season absorbs all our time.
@Eugene_Fang is there a way this data/videos can get added to The Blue Alliance?

I know this is somewhat off-topic but do you have any more of the 2005 Boilermaker Regional matches? I see a chunk of them in a playlist, just wondered if the rest existed… somewhere.

I know teams back then would hook up VCRs to record the projector feed, would love to see more of these old matches get digitized! If people have tapes laying around but don’t know how to capture them, maybe we could figure out a way to make that happen. Love watching these old matches from when many of us current mentors were students.


I can check what more Boilermaker matches we have. I just don’t have digitizing equipment that was working that well, I have one of these that seems to be fuzzy for me anyway. If there is someone with a better VHS setup and time to do it, hmm.

I may have a DVD, and it that case it would be easier but not sure what all we have. Though we do have a good amount of stuff, and lots of DV tapes (that I might be able to capture even easier).

Also some nice video of Mr. Bill doing his thing.

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13 qualification matches :sob:


That’s basically what I have too, haven’t used it in years but I remember it functioning the last time I tried it. No idea where my VCR player is these days though…

Does anyone remember Soap108 or just me? I definitely remember them having the most extensive repository of match videos back in the pre-youtube days. I wonder if anyone archived all of that?


If I have a DVD it is probably a SOAP one. I’ve been putting some match video up here, though currently working on this years Cowtown videos as highest priority. Have some 03 and 04 championship videos up there for our matches at least. FRC1108Archive - YouTube

Somewhere i think i have an actual VHS-DVD converter, i could probably look around for it over thanksgiving break…

Now, i dont actually have a way to get the videos off the DVD, but its a start.


Will take a look later today. Thanks!

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I unfortunately do not. What’s up right now was all I was able to scrub from VHS tapes in the 461 shop for that event. I do remember back in high school on 45 we had VHS tapes/DVDs from older events. @Andy_Baker might know where those boxes ended up after the team moved build sites. I’d be happy to convert any of it and get it online.

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Nice. As you’re well aware I’m sure, VHS degrades over time. I’m positive there are teams sitting on a box of awesome old match footage tapes that are just slowly becoming unwatchable.


I do have a tape. But I’m not optimistic there is more matches. It seems to be a day 2 tape like Peyton posted.

The tape says 2005 #2 Purdue on the label. I didn’t see a #1. I wonder if the stream was working the entire time or not, and this is all the Day 2 matches.

It starts at Q53.

edit: It also doesn’t seem to have any finals matches. It goes to white first logo screen (lunch) then there is about 15 seconds of LEGO league video and the rest of the tape is blank.

edit: btw it takes an excruciating long time to check if a tape is blank by scanning through it fast forward. Don’t miss VHS tapes. I’ll be kind, rewind.

Those exact tapes were recently sorted and handed off to KACC (Kokomo Area Career Center) with the hopes of digitizing the whole lot. It may take a while to get this done, but it’s in process.

Andy B.


The Digital Goats recorded BMR for years, they may have video files on CDs or DVDs. Perhaps @IndySam might have a disc or two?

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We used to hook up a DVD recorder at BMR and make copies for teams. I can search the office on Monday and see what may still exist (Decker threw away nothing :slight_smile:


Oh I forgot 2001 was the year of 4-team alliances… This will take a non-trivial amount of work to support.

I started a ticket to track this, but don’t expect it on TBA any time soon :cry: