Midwest regional: An offer and a cry for help

Dear teams,

Team 383 has a “very generous offer and an extremely modest request” (:p) to teams attending the Midwest Regional.
To speed up the customs clearing process, we shipped the robot from Brazil in a way that it cannot be brought back in one piece. Thus, we will bring it back to the hotel and dismantle it there, bringing several pieces on the plane with us on our way back.
From that adventure will result a large, lightweight, fine-Brazilian wood crate, that will not be useful to us. So, we are offering to donate this crate to anyone who wants it and can remove it from the venue. Quality wood, reinforced, as seen on TV, free to whoever wants it. :yikes:
Now, the modest request… As usual, we won’t be allowed to bring batteries with us on the plane. FIRST will graciously lend us two batteries, as they do every year, but this year’s robot came up a bit more… power hungry than we’d have liked to. So, if any team could lend us a couple of extra batteries for the competition, we’d be extremely grateful. Who knows, you may even get a nice crate for this kind gesture! :wink:

  • fine print - the deal aforementioned will no longer be valid in case 383 wins the competition and, consequently, ships the robot to Atlanta. :slight_smile:


Dear Manoel and Team 383,

Team 648 will kindly loan you several pre-2004 batteries for the practice sessions - these batteries are not legal for competition. We will also loan you 1 2004 battery (which is legal) for use during competition.

Your dear friends,
Team 648

  • Please if you can bring extra battery chargers because ours will be continuously full.