Midwest Regional Interviews

Hola! I don’t speak Spanish but I will be conducting video interviews about FIRST and its impact on the interviewee and their community at the 2007 Midwest Regional this week.

Each interview will be done in no more than 10 minutes. Location is TBA and I have between 20-30 spots available. The interviews will be spread out throughout the three days of competition.

Examples of questions that will be asked are:

  • How has FIRST impacted you?
  • Have you changed your outlook on technology since joining a FIRST team or volunteering at a FIRST event?
  • Did you participate in previous technology based competitions? If so, elaborate.
  • How many years have you participated in FIRST?
  • Does your community support your team? What kind of support do you get?
  • What have you learned so far at this Midwest Regional event?
  • Are you having fun?
  • There may also be questions about specific things about team 648. Fond memories especially.

This documentary I’ll be making may air on our local Mediacom channel and I will also hand out a limited amount of DVD’s in Atlanta on Saturday. Each team with participants will be guaranteed a copy. More might be able to be ordered after they receive the first copy, at a minimal charge possibly (only the cost of the DVD and shipping).

This documentary’s sole purpose is to spread the word of FIRST and team 648. No money will be made from this video.

All interested persons are recommended to sign up here or PM me. If I don’t have enough from here I will spread the word at the regional and get more people interested.

Thank you CD community and hopefully those attending the Midwest Regional will come together and help spread FIRST in IL.


I know that there is a quiet area behind the seating in the stands above the pit. It is on the opposite side of the venue from where you enter. However, you might want to check with event personnel. There might be a small room you could use. Good luck!

Thanks Al. I know of a bunch of places we could tape and I might check with event personnel to see if there’s an available room.

PS - I hope you have some free time, you’re one of the main people I want to interview! Seeing how you’re from IL and extremely successful. I’ll try to find Dan Green, too. :smiley:

I would almost always say “anytime” but I may not have time until sometime on Friday. Check with me when you get there, I will be in inspections.