Midwest Regional Pics

Hey all,

Team 1038 has thrown up a website with the pics we took from the Midwest Regional, if anyone is interested… The site is www.frcpics.com, let us know what you think!

Great organization method. You must have taken hours to sort through all those pictures…

Did you guys start that website just for pictures? Amazing!

See you guys at atlanta, and thank you for the photographic talentry,


If only the pics would sort themselves, it would make life a little simpler… Sorry for the lack of Kilobyte pics, I took a bunch but found out later that the lens I was using was, um, not happy! The lens and camera have since been replaced, I am psyched for Atlanta where I think I will get some awesome pics with the new hardware! BTW, I simply registered the domain and piggy-backed it on another site that I have, not a bad deal, eh? :smiley: See you guys in Atlanta! I would be happy to open the site up for others to upload to, if there is interest let me know!

I think if you let our photographer, Bob Jadloski, start adding his pictures to yours on that website, the Internet would explode. :ahh: