Midwest Regional Webcast

The webcast for Midwest is up and running here. Please reply here if you have any issues with it.

Does the webcast only play with Real Player?
Or will it play with Windows Media Player?
I tried opening it in WMP but it says it cannot connect because the server is too busy.

it was working perfectly in wmp until a little bit ago and now i can’t get it to load and play anymore.

Cool, I really don’t want to install Real Player if I don’t have to. :stuck_out_tongue:
Way to many adverts.

Little network hiccup, but it should be OK now, except we’re not getting any video to the table for some reason. Working on that now.

It’s working now, Thanks Dave and Wildstang! We’re looking forward to some exciting matches this weekend.

I get this message when I try to connect.
“Access to the webcast from the Midwest Regional venue has been disabled.”

If this isn’t a common problem come find me @ 1103’s pit.

I was watching it, then it went into this endless cycle of “Buffering” & “attempting to reconnect”. I tried to reconnect a couple times but same thing happened. It will probably be fine when I get back form class but I thought I should report it. Thanks, Wildstang

The message is correct - there’s no point in wasting bandwidth by having people watch the webcast who are here in person!

I’m trying a different method of webcasting this time which uses Windows Media. I’m not sure how it’s going to work out - we may have to switch back to Real if it keeps freezing up.

Im having the same problem by trying to connect, I was watching the sponsor reel then it just stopped, please let me know if i need Real Player, or what needs to be taken care of to watch this video.

Looks like Windows Media isn’t working out. Sorry!

Try going to the URL again to view it with RealPlayer this time (yes, you’ll need to install it, and BTW I don’t seem to have an issue with ads with it anymore?)

Requested file not found. Link may be outdated…

I am getting the same error :frowning:

I may be in real player and a little laggy but it is working by the time I got back from class. I’m getting my first glimpse of Wildstang in action (looks like they are teleporting tubes onto the rack with the lag) and it is very impressive. Thanks again

its working now…

This just in…

Wildstang is good.

(As if you couldn’t have figured that one out.)

I’m getting the stream now, good audio, but only 1 frame/second for video.

I can’t get it… When I go to the link it says save as or open with (normal stuff), but it is a PHP file. So I said open with WMP and WMP says can’t open file, unsupported file type (or something like that). So I tried again, said save as, renamed it to midwest.wmp and tried to open it again in WMP and I got an error that says can not play the file, as well as the error message I said above (wrong file type…). Any ideas? How did everyone else get around this?

Windows Media was not working, so we had to switch to a Real broadcast. Download and install RealPlayer to get it working.