Midwest Regional

Looks like a great field shaping up for the 2008 Midwest Regional. And it appears to be filling fast – may actually be full as of today.

Based on history there should be lots of power there: 33, 48, 71, 111, 1114, 1625, and the list goes on.

Looks like it filled up at 34 teams sometime this evening. Team 1114 is very excited about making our first trip to the Midwest Regional. As Richard described, the team list is rather impressive. We’re hoping we can add a Canadian flair to what will be an amazing event. I can’t wait.

Uh oh… I wonder where 648 was when they decided which regionals they were going to attend… Unfortunately, I have nothing to do with this debacle. I haven’t been to a meeting since earlier this summer. This will also be the first Midwest Regional I’ve missed since joining an FRC team in 2002. Looks like a lot of fun…

1114 will be joined by 2 other Canadian teams - 843 out of Oakville, ON and 2386, rookies out of Burlington, ON.

I’m happy to see fellow Buckeye Team 1038 joining us at the event.

Team 48 is looking forward to Midwest and a visit to the city of Chicago - first time attending since way back in 1999.

Thats rough, we were hoping to go to Midwest this year as well, but I guess we made a mistake in registering for our hometown regional first.

I’m hoping to be able to get out of enough classes to go and spectate/hang out with 1114. I’ve never been to Chicago, and it seems like it’s going to be quite the event.

I think I just may make the trip up to Chi-town to watch/volunteer this one… worry free, even.

1024’s first time in the Midwest regional… See you all there!

Hmmm… but I wonder what the game is going to be… :confused:


1038 is very excited to head back to the Windy City for what looks to be an amazing line-up of teams. It’s nice that we can spend some quality* FIRST* time with all of our friends again.

They put midwest and detroit on diff weekends this year!?
and Ken didnt get into Midwest :frowning:
I must have a talk with him about that. :stuck_out_tongue:
I miss you midwest, Havnt been there since '05

(maybe its cuz he only registered for one)

You didn’t get into Detroit, either. See you at Great Lakes.

…stacked much?

I saw this list and my jaw dropped.

We volunteer at detroit EVERY year since it started. Thats what i meant by that.
When detroit and Midwest have been on the same weekend since '06, we havnt been able to do midwest because we volunteer

If things go as planned I’ll be able to volunteer at this event! :smiley:
This regional looks extremely exciting this year, hopefully I’ll be able to make it.

I’m jelous that 648 won’t be able to almost win Midwest again… LOL! What could have been… :smiley:

All i have to say is most week one regionals aren’t that intense due to the fact teams don’t have there game down, yet this one more than half of the teams are known for exactly that, having there game down. Especially the ones who make practice robots holy moley

im excited

Team 1038 was glad to see our friends from 48 was going to be joining us at Midwest. Let’s show the Windy city how us OHIO teams play FIRST.

See ya in Chicago!

Hello everyone :slight_smile: I checked the Midwest regionals page recently, there appears to be a total of 41 teams and 10 first year rookies, including ourselves. Our school is less than a mile from the IIT campus, and I didn’t know that there would be so many teams travailing here from so far away. I cant wait for the regionals, it looks like lots of fun.

So a little more than a month to go! We are getting really excited!!!
But I have a question to any one that has previously gone to this event what kind of food is there at the UIC Pavilion, if any? And we are thinking about ordering pizza Thursday night does anyone have suggestions about which place to order from? Thanks

Food at the UIC Pavillion is pretty bad, although I think that it’s much the same for any big sports venue. There are a bunch of resturants in the area, though, so if you want to walk a short ways in the Chicago cold to get lunch, that would probably be your best bet!

As far as pizza goes, Chicago is known for its pizza, or so my parents tell me :slight_smile: If you’re staying at a hotel, you should probably just ask at the front desk - I don’t know what’s around the area specifically.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in two (ish) weeks!