Midwest Weather?

Whether the weather? In beautiful downtown Gilbert, Arizona we will have a high of 65’ with a few light showers. What is happeninig back east?


Bleh. Don’t talk to me about the flippin weather! :rolleyes: We got a blizzard headed our way, and Bedford still has school, go figure.

Ohio? I grew up in Columbus, Ohio (Go Bucks). The weather helped me decide to move to Arizona.

Due for 12" in parts of MA tomorrow… We’ll see what happens.

We’re getting a foot by tomorrow AM. We had to cancel our unveiling for tonight. I’m supposed to go to college tomorrow but I commute 30 minutes and I most likely won’t go if the roads are bad (it’s in the country out here so we regularly see 3ft drifts).

I took the calipers outside about a half hour ago and we had 5.0145 inches of snow. It’s now coming down as sleet/freezing rain and expected to change back to snow afternoon for another possible 4 or so inches.

Kokomo had several inches at 8am, and is expected to get a foot or more by the time the day is over. Schools in the county are closed. Adjacent counties have declared snow emergencies.

And I know there are people at the shop working on the robot as I type this.

In New England, we are bracing for over a foot of snow tomarrow. Which means that we will probaly lose a build day that we need.

Mother Nature hereby decreed that 1529 will not be taking President’s Day off.

Still snowing and blowing here in Chicago. It took me more than twice as long to get to work, about 1.25 hours.

Rains over! Sun is out! I’m dreaming of a…


We have seen just a couple of days of sunshine since early December.
Yesterday the sun appeared around 4 p.m. and we had clear skies last night.
This morning, it was gray and very windy. I think someone up north must have sneezed and in doing so, blew some of your air down this way…brrrr.

Edit: oh wow, sun came back out. Still windy.

That’s good because we can come to your place for testing!

A foot of snow or so expected to hit Northeast Ohio late tonight and continue into tomorrow. Should be fun driving home from working in the shop this evening… We’ll meet in the shop on Wednesday whether it’s buried or not.

EDIT - Shop is buried. School will be closed. We’ll still be here…earlier than usual. WOOOOO.

Our school is closing early today… so unfortunately we cannot work on the robot… and we needed the time. Life shall be interesting.

Oh it was a joy walking to class today at Purdue…

Not a whole lot of snow yet, just a lot of it blowing in your face.

This might be a good time to put in a pitch for the Arizona Regional. Great Competition and GREAT Weather in the same place at the same time. Start your fund raising for next year right after you ship your robot.


School’s closed at UD. Despite our presence in the great state of Ohio, we have the snow patroll quality of Richmond, VA. :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

This is not good news. When last I looked (late Saturday) we had a chassis and we had an arm, but the two had not been properly introduced. Looks like they are in for a whirlwind courtship when the weather improves.

No joy in frozen St. Louis. :frowning:

Class canceled at Purdue for the next 24 hours - hasn’t happen in a long time, I’m happy :slight_smile: