Migrating ctre to rev python

Hi, my team #6348 recently bought NEO motors and im trying to change de drivetrain code to be able to use it with NEO, in the code they use self.right.motor.set(ctre.ControleMode.PercentOutput, 0), for a NEO I wrote, self.right.motor.set(rev.ControlType.???, 0) the problem is that i don’t know what is percentoutput so i don’t know which of these to use kDutyCycle, kVelocity, kVoltage, kPosition, kSmartMotion, kCurrent, kSmartVelocity. Help

As per the documentation, set() just takes a floating point value from -1 to 1: CANSparkMax — RobotPy REV 2021.0.2 documentation

okey, the equivalence of PercentOutput in the rev library is Kvoltage, but in the code editor it mark me an unexpected argument

The APIs have fundamentally different shapes. You need to read the REV documentation and wrap your head around how the library works before you try to use it.


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