Mill Purchase?

Anyone had any luck using this mill or have any reviews on it: ? does anyone have a mill that they would suggest is better for similar cost? Thanks!

I’ve used the Jet version of basically that same mill It’s alright, but you’d be much better off with a square column or knee mill.

I use a similar one at work. I will second Sanddrag’s recommendation of getting a mill with a square column or real knee function. It really sucks to go from a mill tool to a drill bit and having indicating the machine again.

I’ve had the Grizzly 0704 for a few months now. No powerfeed, but a few hundred less $$ and pretty similar capacities.(also not round column)

Saving to get a real mill is a far better choice than any round collumn mill.

They’re just not useful for milling parts.

For that kind of money, buy a used mill of much higher and heavier quality. Used mills often come with some tooling, which can run you as much as the mill itself.

A quick look at eBay found a nice Bridgeport for $1525 in Dayton, OH. Clearly you need to find one close enough to pick up, as shipping one of these puppies can run $1k or more.

^ Very good point. If you have the space, a used full sized mill is far better. If you don’t have the space you’ll probably have more availability buying the smaller import mills like those from grizzly, so focus on rigidity and over-all build quality.

We bought a an X3 mill last season and we used it nonstop( We converted it to a CNC over the summer to CNC for about $600 (kit from cncfusion). I would highly recommend this mill. Don’t forget though, you will need a machining vice, mounting hardware, a micrometer (if you don’t have on already), collets and of course end mills.

The more I look, the more I think I got a pretty good deal on my 30 year old Jet mill, it’s similar to this Grizzly model but only cost $150 in fixer-upper condition, with no tooling other than a vise. I’ve spend a few days fixing, and a few hundred dollars on tooling and a VFD for it, and it actually works to make stuff.

Having to buy useful, new equipment, with a small budget, is tough.

That’s why nearly everything I own (as far as big tools go) was bought used.

The trick is to tell folks you’re looking for something, and use Networking (same method as getting a job) to find a deal. Learn (a lot) about what you are looking for, then be patient and keep watching for one. When one appears, you will know if it is a bargain or not and, if it is, pounce on it.

On eBay, set your search to show the “just listed” items, check every day, and pounce on Buy It Now items that are a good value to you. Maybe not as useful for a Mill, but for the accessories…

Inou8it, I see from your profile you are in USA. Lots of good, used stuff there. If you would narrow it down a bit, maybe someone could recommend some contacts. :smiley:

I wonder if the OP is in Cali… a free mill has appeared.

The OP’s listed team, 3734, is from Illinois.

1625 just wanders around rockford until my dad finds one on the side of the road for 500$, in good shape with a bunch of tooling.

Pays to keep an eye out