Million Pixels for FIRST Teams

The FIRST version of a million pixels has arrived!

Lots of press these days tell the story of where a million pixels were sold for a dollar each. When one clicks on an icon, they are directed to a web page.

A page of a million pixels has been established for FIRST Robotics Competition teams and each team has been allotted a grid of 28x28 pixels. Teams are free to submit an icon to display, and the website to direct people to when that icon is clicked. If a team does not have an existing website, people will be directed to the FIRST website for each team.

There is no charge to get your team icon on this page, as it has been established as a fun project in the midst of design-build-test season. The first teams to submit an icon and web-link will be placed nearest the center of the page, so getting the information in promptly ensures the best placement for your team.

A team icon could be a logo or any image a team would like to submit (such as a mentor picture, or team number, or…).

Please note that your logo will be reduced to 28x28 pixels on the page, so teams are free to massage a low resolution verion of their logo before submitting.

The location of the million pixels for FIRST teams is

Your team icon (in any format) and team web-link can be sent to: [email protected]

Happy FIRST Season… Team 500

Sounds great!!!

I saw that actual website (www. after trying many times and getting referred because of bandwidth problems. It wasn’t spectacular, but it’s the most active Internet site in the world nonetheless. Making a similar one for FIRST sounds like a cool idea. Just one question-is there any way to get more than 28-28 pixels if a few teams joined together to share their pixels?


That would be cool if like all the Connecticut team’s 28x28 pieces were like puzzle pieces, and all fit together perfectly to make a giant map of our state. :stuck_out_tongue:

Check out this site!

Check out this site and send in your pixels soon! :slight_smile:

The placement is based on the FIRST come FIRST served principle.

Get it while is hot! :ahh:

Cool idea!

Come on and send in a graphic for your team! :slight_smile:

If the site loads slow for you go to the bottom and turn off the music. The music is from the “kick-off” event… very cool!

Nate :ahh:
[email protected]

Come on! I need your help. Send in your icons now! :ahh:

Well, whenever we get our site on a reliable server that can handle lots of traffic rather than someone’s home computer, I’ll send in one for 1028

This sounds great. Hopefully we don’t get DOSed.

Paul Dennis

(I’ve alerted my team)

Good! I need as many teams as possible! :ahh: (a few posts would be nice to keep it in the portal too :wink: )


Pretty cool idea.
Maybe we should email our team in before the others get to a good spot.

Three cheers for Capt. W and the CGA team! :smiley:

Actually your icon should be sent in BMP, JPG, or GIF format. Thanks.

Did you get 759s? I sent it last week…

Actually I didn’t. :confused: Make sure you’re sending it to the right e-mail address. My address is [email protected]

Could have sworn I had… can you check your junk mail box for my e-mail address, it’s a account.

Nope! It isn’t there. Try sending it again and I’ll post it ASAP.

Neat idea - I’ll alert other Wisconsin teams. :smiley:

Actually the size of the team icons have been enlarged to 30x30 pixels as you should see on the website. Send in your graphic now! :slight_smile: