Milwaukee/Minneapolis regional

just wondere who all is going this year… and the Minneapolis regional to:D

Team 2500 will be there

Which Minneapolis regional? 1986 is going to 10,000 Lakes

F.R.E.D. MIN Regional

706 will be ready to play at the CELL.

One thing that is unclear with a lot of teams is that there are two (2) Minnesota Regionals. Both are on the same days and in adjacent buildings on the University of Minnesota campus. If you can’t find your pit, your probaby in the wrong building so pay attention to which MN regional you signed up for. They will be sharing the same parking lot.

The North Star Regional is at the Mariucci Arena.

The 10,000 Lakes Regional is at the Williams Arena.

There will be over 100 teams and you can easily walk between the two buildings.

FWIW, Chief Dephi only shows the North Star regional on the event calendar.

171 will be at Wisconsin and Northstar. I’ll be inspecting both as well.

We’ll be at Wisconsin, and I wanted to go to North Star since my friend’s team (2506) will be there, but it filed up. Hawaii instead (not necessarily a bad thing, I’ve always wanted to go to Pearl Harbor). At least I’ll see them at Wisconsin.

1714 is going to WI and 10000 lakes.

sorry:ahh: , i ment the 10,000 lakes regional:o

Team 2826 will be going to WI and 10000 lakes and I will be at both as the Emcee! Hope you all are ready for a great time!