MiM Question of the day

So, will it be back for this season??? It was fun last year!


^— for those who don’t know what the Metal In Motion Question of the Day is/was.


We are planning to run the question of the day again. If you have any good suggestions feel free to forward them to me. It should be on our site after kickoff. Good luck to all!

Those that were involved last year chime in and let the world what is in store!

I heard something about it on chiefdelphi from one of the people from Metal in Motion so I went to check it out.

The question that I answered was a picture of a 2002 field at the end of a match and you have to say what the final score of each alliance would be.

I looked at most of the rest of the questions and I had a lot of fun reading them, it was questions about Locktite and robot components, the kind of stuff that FIRSTers should know.

So if you want to test your knowledge head on over once they start it, its a lot of fun.

PS if you answer a question right, they give you a box of cool stuff at Nats. Including a Metal in Motion shirt, which i still wear!

The water bottle they gave the winners last year has been refilled countless times :slight_smile:

and yes, i still wear the shirt!


I misplaced my monitor/tv duster squeegee thingy :slight_smile: If I ever find it, I’ll post a picture of it. It’s the greatest invention ever… :wink:

Metal-in-Motion easy question of the day :slight_smile: way fun, I always read them too late in the day to answer though… till the one I got of course, It was fun and the prizes are cool, you have to love the WINNER shirt that says Metal-in-Motion across the back, its a big hit in my dorm :slight_smile:

I am glad to see that there is still interest in the “Metal In Motion Easy Question of the Day.” We certainly had a great time doing it. Our new web page team members will certainly have their work cut out for them by coming up with challenging questions and great prizes. Be sure and frequently check out the www.metalinmotion.com web page for updates and information about the team and game questions.

The Metal-in-Motion question of the day has now been changed to a question of the week! BUT IT’S STILL AS EXCITING!!! Every week there will be a new question! So check out our site and you could be a winner!! www.metalinmotion.com :slight_smile:

Wow…that sounds like a TV ad or something…lol


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The correct answer was missing the servo motors. Though they are the smallest motors, they can still be useful.