Mind SensorMotor Controller for FRC

Has anyone considered the the coding impact by changing from the SRX to this new controller. The price point is very attractive. Also how do they work with encoders?

Forgot to put the model SD540

The SD540 is just a pwm controller like the Victor SP. It doesn’t have any option for connecting an encoder like the Talon SRX. You can download the manual here http://www.mindsensors.com/index.php?controller=attachment&id_attachment=304

One of the mentors on my team is an EE he installed a quadrature encoder on the SRX and he’s telling me that I have to access it through the CAN BUS. Trying to get that working right now. Mman1506 could you please clarify your statement?

The bottom line is that the SD540 has no ability to directly connect to an encoder or communicate over CAN bus.

Thank you mman1506

Both this and the new Spark controller look like they can be used as a direct replacement for Talon SR with no change in programming (though there may be another class in the libraries). Each also supports both normally open and normally closed limit switches connected to the controller. Note that this information is NOT available to the RIO unless you also send it back to a DIO line. Neither supports CAN, encoders, nor potentiometers. As far as I can see with a casual reading of the specs, these two are functionally equivalent; the decision for one over the other will be based on quality, form factor, availability, and cost.

Talon 540, in a workshop, shot a short video of our robot running with SD540’s. We will vouch for the quality of them given the performance in the video!

We used six: four for the mecanum wheels, one for the lift, and one for the pneumatic system.

The video is linked below:

mindsensors, the manufacturer, is linked below:

Also, temperature specs can be found here:


How could you possibly use a motor controller for a pneumatic system?

I just realized… I need more caffeine! Apologies for an earlier post, but our robot does NOT use an SD540 for our pneumatics. It was for our lift mechanism.

Man, that’s embarrassing. I’ll drink some RedBull, wake up, and be quiet now. Sorry to Jim Wilks and FIRST for the confusion!