Mindless fun discussion

__I know that FIRST has places to improve, and that there are things to discuss and plan and help each other out on, and that’s fantastic and I’m glad to be a part of it. But I’m sorta tired of it too, not that I don’t want it to continue, but that for the time being, let’s put a bit more effort into having some fun before Kickoff and we start really talking about supposed chokehold strategies and whatnot.
__So, let’s talk fun, what does the teaser look like to you, out of everything you’ve seen so far and thought of, what seems like it would be the most fun to watch? What events and little annual things does your team/ regional/ district event do for the heck of it? What stood out to you in the past as something that everyone in FIRST deserves to experience at least once?
__This might be sorta unclear, but this isn’t supposed to have a direction to it, feel free to ask your own questions here that you might not feel deserve their own thread, hijack away! If you want to answer my questions, fantastic! IF you have your own, great! If you’re just browsing, thanks for stopping by! Hope everyone gets to use this for whatever they want.

Did you know that centenarians are real? The thing is, they’re all over 100 years old! Dang! I was hoping to see some little baby horse people…

I’m super excited about the steampunk theme this year, especially because they emphasized STEAM! I’m interested to see how they incorporate art into the challenge, as I believe they will, because art is fun and I can really help out my team in some area other than business.
In the video, the robot design is small and pretty flat, so I’m interested at what that will lead to in the competition, though of course, possibly nothing.

I stopped for green light and keep moving after “Red Light!" :yikes: it was raining outside and i even had no idea about what i was doing.