Mindsensors CANLight FRC 2019

Has anyone tried to use the CANLight in VSCode? I’ve put their JAVA jar in libs and included it in Gradle as an external library but com.mindsensors isn’t resolving correctly. There’s no means to import a JSON file for it as one has not been created by the vendor. And I don’t know nearly enough about how that structure works to create one based on the class’s in the JAR file. I have an alternate plan of just using an Arduino Pro-Mini if need be but it’d be nice to control it through robot code.

We haven’t tried this year. We did you a CANLight last year and I know I had to contact them to get the correct version of the libraries as the ones you downloaded were out of sync (the documentation online still seems to refer to old versions). So if you are having problems, I’d contact them (they got us libraries fairly quickly).

The programming part was pretty straightforward (we had a new student write the code with little oversight). However, we did have problems with the hardware itself as we had 2 short out and when our electrical team took them apart both appears to have resistors that caused the problem (leads were too long causing the short).

This year we are trying to run LEDs using a CTRE CANifier.

I’ve got an email into them, but just in case anyone at CD had already tried I reached out to this group as well. Hopefully they get back sometime this weekend or early next week.