Mindstorm Instructor

Greetings, We are looking for a Mindstorm Instructor to run our summer camp. This would be a temp (6 - 8 week) full time position (40 hrs). High School or College Students with Lego Mindstorm expertise, looking for summer job are welcome. You will be instructing students aged 7-13 in the basics of the Lego system. It will be a one week course. We are located in West Palm Beach Florida. Background screening and drug screening will be required prior to employment. Instructor(s) will be supervised by a professional educator while class is in session. Pay: $15 per hour. Thank you for your reply.

This sounds very interesting. Can you provide me with some more information about when and where this will happen? I just might be interested in doing this this summer while I am here at the University of Miami for a summer session.

BurningQuestion : I sent you a PM.