Mindstorms Programming Software

Hello all,
My FLL team is a very short distance away from having a moving robot chassis. I went to install the Mindstorms software onto our team laptop, but I don’t know where to look for any kind of product key or CD/DVD or online instructions. There has been nothing in the manilla envelope we got with our Compilation DVD, and there hasn’t been anything in our Lego kits either. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

My school has the Mindstorms 2.1 software, but I would like to use the software for the EV3 brick (if there is any). I can’t find any documentation on it anywhere.

Thanks in advance,

Just for clarification, you are looking for the EV3 software, not the NXT? EV3 (as well as NXT, for that matter.) can be found for download here. I hope this is what you’re looking for.

Out of curiosity, are you using the NXT or EV3 hardware?

Please, if you have any more questions about any area of FLL feel free to post here, or PM me. I have nearly a decade of experience with Mindstorms and have competed at every level of FLL competition. I’d be happy to help out with anything.

The link in the last post is for a free edition. If you purchased the kit it is likely that it was an additional option. I would suggest looking at getting the paid version because there are more features that help you learn how to program. The single license 99 dollars and the site license is 399 dollars.


We are using the EV3 software, or at least hoped to. Also, thank you for offering to give help and advice!

My FRC team leader ordered the kits for us, and the other teams we started all got their software. My team is the only one that doesn’t have theirs.

I should have made a note about that. While I can’t speak for EV3 (yet :smiley: ) I will say that the Education software for NXT was always better than the Retail. I would go with Rogie’s route if possible. The free version could at least get you started though, if need be.