minebot shipment

Does the minebot have to ship w/main Bot???
any help would be appreciated.

The Minibot is explicitly excluded from the 30-lb withholding allowance by <R33>. As such, you don’t need to ship it.

Also, check the Q&A, or do a search through CD–I think that question has been asked–and answered–an average of once per day in the last week in one place or the other.

so what you are saying is that the minebot does not have to be shipped with the regular robot?

Assuming you mean minibot not minebot. Then yes it does not have to be shipped. If you truly mean minebot, I’m not sure.

thanks for the information.

Do you know if we are allowed to work on the minibot after the main bot is shipped? A few of my mentors were wondering if we could since it didn’t get shipped out right away.