Mini Aim High at IRI (VEX for Fun)

Team 40 is bringing their 1/3 scale Aim High field to the IRI for demos.

They have VEX kit robots designed to play the game, and any other
teams that want to build a robot to play “Mini Aim High” can come and
join in.

Their robots will be there for students (and adluts) to play.

If enough teams build a VEX robot, there might be time for some fun challenge matches.

Specifics for you to use when building a VEX robot to play
(note to engineers - these are not exactly 1/3 scale).

**Playing Field **
Size - 8’8" x 18’
Ramp - 44" wide, 16" deep (on top) and 8-1/2" high
Upper Goal - 34" to center of goal.
Upper Goal - 10" diameter.
No green light for tracking.
There are lower goals also.

15" x 15" x 20" high
Balls - 2.3" diameter “stress relievers”
The robot sizes are designed to work well with VEX kits

Use any motors or parts you want

Plan to build a robot and join in.

Thanks to Team 40 for bringing their fiield :slight_smile:
(you may have seen it in Atlanta)

We’re all very excited to be bringing along our Mini-FRC field and the robots. We’ve made some especially for IRI, so it should be a blast. Check out the link in my sig for a video about our little creation.

I’m a gonna start working on a new bot right now. I just got my 2nd kit, so maybe I’ll have 2 but very doubtful. BTW… where’d the balls come from? I could use some…

if the size of the balls is right, we will most likely bring our bot.

anyone know the diameter of a tennis ball off the top of their heads?

About 2.5" I think.

ok then i just gotta make a few adjustments to the bot, thanx for the info.

2.5" is a good value for a tennis ball diameter.

Also a tennis ball mass is about 50 grams.

One of the stress balls I have accumulated is about 2.3" and “weighs” 25 grams.

Don’t forget to adjust for the weight difference.


Indeed, the balls don’t weigh very much at all. If you were to design a shooter to shoot racquetballs or tennis balls, it would probably launch our balls to the moon. If you’re wondering, the balls are made of a material similar to that of the full sized competition balls.

luckly, i dont have a shooter… :slight_smile:

Well, I won’t be bringing my bot. I don’t have the time to work on it but I will watch.

that’s the beauty of it though…our robots are for everyone to play with, so no one is left watching. even if you don’t bring a robot you can still take part in the action!

I might try to make one, but I’ll have to pull an all-nighter tomorrow. I guess I can sleep on the trip. :smiley:

I also might try to rig something up but no promises :slight_smile: Only a few days left and even though I have my simple drive together, making a successful shooter will be a challenege… we’ll see.

The crazy minds at FVC 18 might be building one of these tomorrow to bring and have fun with.