Mini-bike motor on the bane bots gear box

Is there a way to put the mini-bike motor on the bane bots 12:1 gear box? Or will it trash the gears?
Any insite would help out.
~Olav Oksnevad
team 2039

I am sure it won’t trash the gearbox but it is not going to be easy either. The mounting for the motor is different, the shaft is a different diameter, the shaft doesn’t have a keyway, etc.

It is possible, but it is not going to be pretty.

Joe J.

My one brilliant suggestion for the week. I think using the Banebots dual CIM adapter would make adapting a Bike Motor a heck of a lot easier. Just run a single motor through it. You’d have a ton of area on the backside to work out your mounting, and modifying that spur gear or buying a replacement one with an appropriate bore would be pretty easy at that point.