Mini Joystick

Are there any small, or mini joysticks that we can use on our panel this year. We are having preset heights for our arm, but I want to put a small joystick on there if we have to adjust something. Can someone please include a link or a explanation of how to do this if its possible. Also, if im going to use pushbuttons on the panel, how do i connect them to 15 pin

I don’t know about the first part but you can buy a 15 pin game port connector at any electronics store (including radio shack) then just solder to the back of the pins that you want to use. The pinout for the OI is on IFI’s website, if you don’t want to buy any thing and have an extra joystick then open up the joystick, label the wires then cut them off the joy stick and solder them to the buttons you bought.

I believe what you are looking for is located here

Simply pick which port you plan to interface to and connect to the individual pins.


Something like this?

You can get potentiometer joysticks that you can hook up to the OI