Mini RC usage question ...

May I use the mini rc to read sensor values and send information to the rc?

I would guess no. I will leave it to you to go through the exercise of checking it against the flowchart. (Hint. My guess is that the retail price of the Robovation RC is > $200.)

here are the rules:
“<R61> You must connect all outputs from the sensors and additional electronics circuits used on the robot
directly to the analog or digital I/O on the Robot Controller. Sensors may not be wired to their loads to
directly control those loads. All loads must be controlled by PWM signals sent by the Robot Controller
to relays or speed controllers. It is acceptable to wire switches used as sensors in series or parallel with
each other.”

<R51> and <R52> are more applicable to this question. The mini RC would be a custom circuit, and you are allowed to have sensors connected directly to the custom circuit. <R61> applies to connecting sensors directly to the loads, for example running power to the pump through the pressure switch.

However, it’s already been stated that the mini RC is too expensive to use, and that’s the reason it’s illegal.