Mini Robot Game

I saw this game in a different forum as the “rubber banana game” but I thought maybe we shud make it more FIRST related so I decided to change it to the “Mini robot game.” If you guys dont think its fun then oh well. I thought it was neat tho!
Basically I hand you a mini robot. And you pass it to the next person along with a reason for doing so. Then the next person has to accept, but then give a reason why they don’t need it. And pass it on to the next person. **


First Poster:
Hands you a mini robot
Thought you might want to add it to your robot collection.

Next Poster:
Takes the robot
Thank you but I dont collect robots.

Hands the robot off
You can give this to your dog.

Get the idea??

So, to start it off:

Awesome I love robots. But I only like real sized ones!

Hands off robot
Maybe it can help you in your next movie!

Be sure to give a reason why you are giving the person the robot!*

Takes robot
Sorry I don’t do movies

hands off robot
Here is a bot for your Bday

My birthday isn’t for ten more months.

(passes it)

Here’s something to help clean your room.

thanks but my room is spotless

hands off
maybe you can us it to get more channels from your satellite dish.

Sorry…no dish!
-hands off-
here its a new chainsaw…kinda

I dont like chain saws – they scare me.

hands off
Maybe it can help fix your computer!

My computer isn’t broken.
-hands off-
This can mow your lawns

I live on a boat.

passes it

This will help you make friends.

FRIENDS?! Who said I needed friends? I am content withour any. :stuck_out_tongue:

hands off

This will do your chores for yah.

awesome, i’m cloning it

clones robot

here, you sell it

Who would want to buy this?

hands off

This will keep you busy for hours

I am too busy on my computer… I wont have time for it.

hands off

this could most deffinately take the place of your doggy.

Only if I took it apart, and then it wouldn’t be any good for someone
Hand off mini-bot

To ride around (Transportation only…)

No thanks, I’ve got a truck that works just fine

hands off

here, it will type CD posts for you

Takes robot
thank you very much but i comunicate with my CPU via telepathy

hands off robot
here you go now you have someone to fight to the death with! :smiley:

Well, I’ve already got a pancake wearing bunny in a headlock, so I don’t know if I could handle anymore right now…
Hand off mini robot

Here, this will fix the CPU you just fried :ahh:

Thanks, but no more CPUs, I’ll replace it with an abacus.

*** Hands off mini-robot ****
Hey, check this out - it’s got a built-in Ipod and it goes around searching for music!

Thanks, but all my music is on vinyl and 8-track.


Here, this has a color tracking camera; maybe you can get it to work

Thanks, but last time the color changing camera didn’t work at all.


Here, perhaps you can use it to move CDs from the rack to the player.

No way - my ‘ex’ robot used to do that until all my favorite CDs began to disappear.


Here, have it go out and start your car for you this winter.