Mini Robot

Will your team get DQ if Your Mini Robot is still moving after the time has run out?


you don’t get DQ but if it doesn’t come down after a minute it will most ikely be chainsawed off the pole.
hope this helps.

How do you know you wont get dq? How do you know your robot will get chainsawed?

Nowhere in the manual does it say that your minibot has to stop moving at the end of the match, let alone that it would cause disqualification.

“Chainsawed” shouldn’t be taken literally. Look at rule <G59> for more information on minibot retrieval.

You will not get a DQ if you’re moving upwards. There is no penalty listed for not stopping upward motion after the end of the match–after all, the minibot doesn’t know it’s the end of the match.

zjagoda, you may wish to re-read the Manual. Specifically, <G59>. The Field Crew will retrieve the Minibot if the teams do not. How they do that is kind of their option, and no guarantees are made as to Minibot safety/integrity after return to earth. A second call for the field crew to retrieve it is a Yellow Card. Two Yellow Cards is one Red Card or DQ.

I wonder if you could have teammates sit on other’s shoulders to reach that high? That or climb up on the platform and reach.

Unless your robot is destroying the pipe or other field elements, no DQ.

Now, the chainsaw statement was a little harsh…

<R94> The MINIBOT must be designed such that it can easily be removed from the TOWER at the end of the MATCH.

This means that if your robot is going to stay at the top of the pole until retrieved, you have problems. The competitions have very short cycle times. You will have 10 or 15 seconds to remove your robot. You will not be allowed to bring ladders into the field to remove your minibot. If the field crew needs to “assist” you in removing your minibot, they may break it in the process.

Do yourself a favor and insure that your robot is easily removed…