Miniature Joystick

Does anyone know where I can get miniature joysticks, like finger joysticks. I have only found one, and it was really expensive and had to call the company to get a pricing. If anyone could help, that would be great.

Yeah, you take the junky beige joysticks from the KOP, hack off the handles, and replace them with whatever you want.

That’s the route I’d take; mod the KOP joysticks.


Well this isnt really the entire joystick, but it is very small and i would think all you need to do is build a case for it, but it is really small!!!

This might be too small!


Has some good ones. They make great full size joysticks as well (one to three axis, up to three detents on each axis, and a variety on auxiliary input options on the sticks, too.)

You could also hack the ones out of a playstation controller, they are nice and thumb sized, the design is just 2 spring loaded pots and a micro switch. With a good interface that could be a really nice system

If all else fails, make your own. Someone else on the forum is already doing just that. Good luck in your search.

thanks for all the replies guys. P3america was the website that I tried before and #1 there is no order link and #2 i called and they want me to sell them my soul for these joysticks.

i dont have the information on hand right now, but i would check with suppliers of arcade equiptment. Also check with FRC228 members, Art Dutra [3 or 4] or Ben P, i know they made some last year.

I was actually VERY satisfied with P3 America. I orderer 4 802 joysticks at $9 each. The shipping was $5 and I got them from CA to Miami, FL from Friday to Monday. It was all $41 called in the order for 4 pushbutton joysticks. I would tell you to try calling them again

The ones from p3 look great, however, it appears they are all 10k ohm. Don’t we need 100k ohm for the OI?

No, according to Kevin W. anything above ~5k works well.

Keo-San, Ill try again, maybe it was just the one switch I was looking at, I was checking out the rocker switch because we only need it for one axis use. Its low profile and it would of fit perfectly. If I do buy one of these, do you think I could contact you and you could help me wire them up?

I’m quite sure he was refering to the RC inputs, not the OI. Although I have heard that teams have had success with pots that are not 100k, IFI explicitly reccommends them.