Minibot Aluminium

Rule <R92> specifies that shapes of aluminium that we can use, do you still think that we are allowed to make parts out of aluminium sheet?
We are going to build our final design now and we dont want to run into problems.

The way I interpret the rule is that those are the materials you are allowed to use. Therefore, as long as you use those materials, you can make them in to whatever you need.

<R92> The following items are the only permitted materials for use on the MINIBOTS:

H. Raw welding rod, aluminum
, 90° angle, u-channel, tube,
bar, that is not sold in pre-perforated or pre-punched form.

According to this rule, you are allowed to use Aluminum Sheet and modify it how ever you like, as long as it started as Raw Sheet and not a pre-punched form.