minibot ball bearings

Can you use ball bearings on the minibot?
We were thinking that ball bearings are mechanical hardware.

The only bearings legal for use are the servo bearings found in the Tetrix kit. According to the chief inspector in Pittsburgh, bearings are not classified as mechanical fasteners.

To be more specific, it is a bearing that is from the Servo Joint Pivot Bracket replacement parts. It is fairly tiny.

Something to bring up here:

All inspections are run according to the latest revision of the Manual that is available. One of the earlier Team Updates changed the wording from “mechanical hardware” to “mechanical fasteners” because teams were asking about springs, bearings, and stuff like that. We’re now several revisions beyond that; IIRC, Rev. L is the latest revision (though for most things other than firmware versions, Rev. K should work).

Because bearings aren’t mechanical fasteners, your options are what’s legal Tetrix (<R92-A>) or making your own from legal materials (the rest of <R92>).