Minibot Burning Rubber

Are there different grades of surgical tubing? If so, are some more abrasion resistant than others?

We are using a piece of surgical tubing as the tread for a custom-made wheel. Whenever we put the wheel up against the pole, the latex starts peeling off and showering us with particles like eraser crumbs. Increasing the normal force only seems to increase the intensity of the shower. Eventually we get a burning smell.



All of the surgical tubing on McMaster has a Durometer Range of 30A-50A (Very Soft) and a Typical of Durometer (Very Soft) 35A.

Durometer = A Measurement of the hardness of materials

It may be time for you to look into using Rubberbands, or a rubber marketed as non-slip padding. Good Luck on your search.

I didn’t think rubber tubing was allowed on the minibot this year, unless it is marketed as surgical tubing.