MiniBot Competition in the KC Area

Hello all KC FRC and FTC teams! I have just transformed my ping pong table into an Aerial Assist field, and I am looking for teams to sign up for a miniture (6" by 6" by 9") robot FRC competition. Now for this event, there is no round robin because you will build 3 separate robots for your team. This is more of a team activity, so people around KC, grab your friends (College age or younger) to build a team and make some robots! Sign up to get more information.

Follow this link to sign up:

The TerrorBytes have been hosting 1/4 scale competitions similar to this for a few years now,they just had one last week. It was a lot of fun!

I added interest for our team. Seems like something a group would be interested in but I’ll try to figure that out. I didn’t see when about it would be, which might change whether we can or not, due to summer camps, etc. Also, I picked a color, but if anyone is fully committed, free feel to take black from us.

edit: Don’t mind about the schedule, I think after reading through the doc I understand a little better.

We would love to have you all play with us!

I marked us down as interested. I just graduated, but I will see if I can round up some of our guys for a cross state trip.

That sounds awesome! You will probably only need to travel to the competition, we could skype/email you other events/materials that go along with this event.