Minibot constraints

Upon reading all the forums on minibots, I have come to the conclusion that I am hearing a lot of complaints about the restraints put upon teams as to what they may use, & the fact that VEX kits are in short supply. May I suggest that with what is available, be creative & use your technical skills & design training to build a minibot. I saw in one quote that aluminum, rivets & a host of other basic supplies are available, just like an FRC robot. Let’s stop the bickering & see it as a fantastic challenge to overcome.

1> It’s FTC not VEX
2> Quotes here are not official. Look at the rules for what is available/allowable on the minibot.

People are venting right now because the GDC has put constraints where there wasn’t any before. I, too, am a bit disapointed at the changes but we’ll get through this and be competitive.

Complaining is just a waste of time and energy. IMHO

Sorry, I stand corrected on FTC vs VEX, but I stand firm on the rest. There will always be changes, as there was yesterday concerning ONE minibot vs questionable quantity previously listed.

I’m not a fan of NASCAR (or much racing in general), but the concept of “restrictor plate racing” has always seemed a little odd to me. And to me, that’s what FIRST is doing with these minibots. Locking us into a very specific set of pieces and options, to see who can build the “best” version of the same thing.

While getting the slight edge has always been a part of FRC, the champions have resulted from good design, innovation, quality manufacturing, constant improvement, and quality drivers. It hasn’t been something where shaving off that extra 0.1lb or weight or using a slightly overcharged battery was the difference between victory or defeat. And that’s what’s going to happen with many minibots.

I didn’t get involved with FRC to try and build the same thing as everyone else, only lighter.

I hadn’t considered that as a variable. I tried to go with the “Deal with whatever they throw at us” mentality, but that’s starting to come apart at the seems…

I look forward to seeing every team come up with a robot & minibot that meet all regulations, but are built to each teams imagination & flair. See you at the competitions!