Minibot decorations?

I suppose this is one for Q&A, but has anyone seen any rules permitting or prohibiting the use of decorative items (that don’t affect function or performance) on the minibot? We have two situations:

  1. We’d like to put out team number and colors on the minibot.

  2. (not 100% seriously) we’d like to put a sound generator that makes a loud “ding” sound when we hot the top (like the ‘ring the bell’ booth at the carnival). (I also just saw another thjread, maybe we’ll play the Mario sound when we’re climbing the pole…):yikes:


I do believe that the graphics would be ok since they would be included on a polycarb sheet or something related. Although, the bell may be prohibited since it is not included in the list of parts allowed. Definitely ask the GDC. I am sure that they will give you the right information. I would love to add a alarm to our minibot when it reaches the top!

Let us know the response.

From what I remember when I was on a FLL team, the NXT has a built in speaker, and play any files you put on it…

Edit: Of course, the crowd won’t be able to hear it… and those extra files will just add weight! :open_mouth:

What’s wrong with you? You’re supposed to use the Final Fantasy victory theme, duh!

I’m also interested in hearing about this.

I hope decorations are allowed, we need to display REX 1727 as big as possible on everything.

Only if we use Zeros. If we can build the code out of all ones, we should be OK…

OK, so nobody has seen anything allowing or disallowing decorations. I’ll have our team leader post to Q&A, and bring the results back here.

Well then, I’ll bring up the idea of putting a falcon on the minibot. So when it’s climbing, it would look like a falcon soaring.

Use motors to make wings flap, and have the talons just wrap around the pole!

Efficient? Absolutely not.

Awesome? Absolutely.