Minibot Deployment Tower Base Contact

Our team had a question refering to the endgame and deploying our minibot. During the last 20 seconds of the match, we are going to drive to the tower and line up to deploy our minibot. Are we allowed to contact the tower base before the last 10 seconds? If not, can we contact the tower before the 15 seconds, line up, then move away slightly so we are no longer in contact?

Double check section 3 of the Manual, but it is my understanding that a Robot can be in contact with a tower or pole at any point in the match. A minibot cannot break the plane of the tower base until the end game period.

Basically this means that if you wanted to, you could line up your robot at any point during the match for deployment, as long as you wait until the end game to actually deploy the minibot.

Dustin is correct, but remember that <G43> prohibits you from actually grasping onto the TOWER except during the END-GAME.

<G20> ROBOTS/HOSTBOTS may not contact their own TOWERS above the DEPLOYMENT LINE.

This would imply that robots may contact their own towers at any time.

For some reason, the word Grasp made me think of Beatty’s 2002 Robot Grabbing a tower and driving it to the other end of the field. That’d be so cool.

Your FTA and the field set-up volunteers will be working hard to make sure that can’t happen. However, stopping Beatty (or another highly creative team) from moving the tower, will require a rule. Hmm, can anybody out there cite one? ::rtm::

how about the one about damaging the field? There are wires connected to the TOWER…

Yeah but wiires can stretch…right? :smiley:

That’s what the troops said when I worked at Ft Huachuca…the Sargent would tell the E4 to go get the cable stretcher, after he cut the wire too short!

Hint: open Section 3 - The Game, and search for “disruption of the ARENA” …


That, plus the definition of DEPLOYMENT.

We are counting on the fact that we can touch the tower prior to ENDGAME. We’re using a device that looks like a T-Square so I’m confident we are not grasping. (Not even at straws…)

Just for clarification, there is a huge difference between Contact and Grasp. Also, when your robot is in contact with your tower, you cannot be interfered with by an opposing robot without their risking a penalty. Further clarification is always welcome.

Actually, an opponent may contact your robot any time up to the final 10 second deployment period without fear of penalty for “normal” robot to robot contact…